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Luxury Organic Cream-Oil Care, Immediate Moisture Power++

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Effect: Fast Deep Moisture / Radiance / Nourish

Skin Types: Unisex | Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin

e 1.69oz., 50ml

  • Organic Ingredients 54.27% (Water 0%, Preservatives 0%)
  • Tested under dermatological supervision - Immediate Dermal Water Content Improvement : Supervised & Certified by the Korea Dermatology Research Institute (KDRI)
  • Certified by UK VEGAN
  • Dermatologist tested - No Irritancy
  • Using environmentally friendly materials for cosmetic containers such as PET-G.
  • We use reliable raw materials such as US USDA, British Soil Association, Italian ICEA, French ECOCERT and Korean organic raw materials.


You must know that skin starts aging when it is dry. When skin is dry, the pace at which dead cells are removed slows, and dead cells remain on skin. When this happens, you feel dry and develop wrinkles. That’s why you really need to maintain moisture on your skin.

Why don’t you start anti-aging easily with Immediate Moisture Power++ that immediately delivers moisture deep into the lower layer of skin? It contains organic shea butter that helped Cleopatra maintain moisturized and glowing skin even in the dry desert, as well as other highly concentrated organic substances that soothe itchy skin and provides 60 times the Vitamin C of lemon. Let’s make our skin young with Immediate Moisture Power++!

How to Use:

Use it alone after washing or as the first step of skin care before sleep. For more effective results, apply an appropriate amount and gently massage onto face. Avoid the eye area. Deeply feel the natural organic scent on both of your hands and enjoy aromatherapy and its energy.

Although dead skin cells may arise if the oil is massaged onto dry skin for too long, rest assured that this is a natural effect.

Our cream-oil doesn't added synthetic chemical ingredients, so it can be pumped in liquid form when first used.

Certificate Mark of XUYONI


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