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Our Story

A new “wave” of life

Our Hallyu is an exclusive hub that is about to host all trending “K’s” of the Korean culture such as k-cosmetics and k-accessories,  setting as a start point the k-fashion’s high quality clothes made from young and already worldwide established Korean designers.

Our commitment is to dive deep in this new and exciting culture landscape, incorporate the most relevant Korean trends and select the crème de la crème of Korean designer’s items.

Explore our limited collection and indulge yourself with one of the few exclusive pieces selected just for you!

Οur Founder

Domenica Daniil

Domenica Daniil, founder of this exclusive hub is a contemporary businesswoman with several of interests and indisputable love for tradition in design. A restless and revolutionary spirit, enemy of the ordinary that has been successfully involved from time to time in various projects including lighting, interior design and fashion.

Perhaps no person is more passionate about embracing the world’s latest trends and mingle them with the tradition. Recognizing the fast-growing interest in Korean culture and modern interpretations of traditional Korean style, she established this exclusive Korean Wave hub giving, for the first time in Greece, the opportunity to be introduced to this new and very special culture through a limited collection of selected statement Korean pieces.  In a few words, she is catching the wave for you!



  • ADD. Greece
  • TEL.  +30 6956338714
  • MAIL. info@myhallyu.com